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The developmental history of Spezialguss Wetzlar GmbH from 1731 to the 21st century.

(alle Aufnahmen aus den fünfziger Jahren des 20. Jahrhunderts)

» 1731

Year of foundation of the company by Johann Wilhelm Buderus

» 1835

Big product range for cast products

» 1901

The new pipe foundry starts with the production

» 1902

Completion of the foundry for shaped pieces and machine castings

» 1950

Special castings with big weights can be fostered again and a new art casting foundry opens

» 1956

Start with centrifuge of ductile pipes

» 1981

Cessation of the blast furnace plant Wetzlar and commissioning of a new cupola furnace plant

» 1987

Reorganisation of the Buderus group, origin of the Buderus Bau- und Abwassertechnik and the Buderus Kundenguss GmbH; Start with the production of  major separators

» 1991

Foundation of the Buderus Guss GmbH

» 1998

The biggest casting (turbine casing) of the company history is casted

» 2003

Takeover by Robert Bosch GmbH

» 2005

Main parts of the casting-activities of Buderus Guss GmbH are separated from the Bosch-group. Under the name „Buderus Giesserei Wetzlar GmbH“ a new company arises which is orientated to the market for cast pipe systems, special castings, separators and art castings

» 2006

Sale of the branch art casting to the BBT Thermotechnik and stopping of  activities of the branch separators

» 2007

Foundation of the Buderus Spezialguss GmbH and sale of the Buderus Giesserei GmbH (cast pipe activities)

» 2008

Taking up the operational activities of the Buderus Spezialguss GmbH

» 2013

Company renamed to Spezialguss Wetzlar GmbH

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