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Special Castings from Wetzlar

We are a reliable partner!

Hand-cast iron has a long tradition at Spezialguss Wetzlar GmbH – we have been pouring iron since 1731, the year the company was founded. Our facilities in Wetzlar, established in 1872 as a blast furnace plant with the name „Sophienhuette“, have been hand-casting iron since the turn of the century.

Spezialguss Wetzlar GmbH – since 2008 an undertaking of DIHAG HOLDING GmbH – specializes in catering to special customer requirements. This requires particular technical know-how in production and material technology and a well-functioning quality management system.

This partnership, based on many years of mutual trust, shows its superiority even in the planning stage. Our approach to future production begins with consultation to find the best material and most favorable technical solutions for casting and then progresses to construction of the frequently complicated patterns at the beginning of production.


New name, familiar quality!

Since 1 April 2013 we have been operating with a new logo under the name of Spezialguss Wetzlar GmbH

Spezialguss Wetzlar GmbH Logo

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